How to Make a Gorgeous Gallery Wall
Photo: © Cultura Photography - Veer

Gallery walls are hugely popular, as people are turning away from traditional linear photo displays in their homes. Now you can find beautiful and interesting gallery walls in home décor magazines and across websites. Luckily, it is easy to create an impressive-looking display in your home with only a little planning.

1. Decide on a Theme.
Do you want to display family photos? Or create a focal point in the living room? Would you like to complement your existing décor or provide a pop of color? Do an online search for gallery walls and compose a mood board of arrangements you like. You can include three-dimensional objects, such as faux flowers or souvenirs, in the arrangement, or if you prefer, just stick to photo frames of different sizes and shapes.

2. Gather Materials.
Once you have decided what you want to display in your gallery wall, begin gathering your materials. There are many resources for free printables on the Internet, so if you do not already have the perfect piece of art, think twice before you buy an expensive print. Gather frames you like and a variety of complementary accessories such as small souvenirs, trinkets, and models.

3. Arrange the Items.
Now that you have everything together, figure out your perfect arrangement. It is best to lay out all your objects on the floor so that you can easily move them around. Keep a camera or your phone handy to snap pictures to reference later on. Keep the arrangement cohesive, but add variety by mixing up sizes and shapes. Spread out photographs to keep the eye moving across the display.

4. Prepare the Wall Space.
Once you have your perfect arrangement, begin to prepare the area you have chosen for your gallery wall. Consider the weight and size of the objects you want to display as this will affect how you fasten them to the wall. Is the wall exterior or interior? Keep in mind that you may need a drill with a masonry bit and some wall plugs to affix heavier pieces. Very light pieces can easily be arranged with white tack, small nails, or tape, but take care and consider if they will damage the wallpaper or paint when you remove them.

Now you have completed your gallery wall, take a step back to admire your hard work. A gallery wall is a fresh, modern addition to any home, and one that will create a focal point for conversation.