Top Fall 2015 Color Trends to Try in Your Home Now

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FALLThe color trends that are adding a bit of flavor to our autumn season are shades ofturmeric, nuances of cognac and the moodiness of indigo. Read on to discover the beauty hidden in each of these hues - and how to incorporate each into your own designs this fall.

1. The Shades of Turmeric
Let's look at the spice itself. There's so much variety in the root and the powder it creates. From a shocking orange to a mustard yellow, this root brings a strong warmth to the room.


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Translating Into the Home:
This is a very strong color all on its own. Pair it with a neutral color palette of white, black, and gray, and use honey-toned wood to bring out its natural look.


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2. The Nuances of Cognac
Cognac is a beautiful liquor that changes color with age. A young cognac will feature more of a yellow hue whereas an aged drink will have that golden, amber, and auburn red look. After warming your drink in your hand, it's advised that you take in its scent before you sip.

Discover the different nuances of the drink with flavors and scents ranging from floral to fruity. Admire its glowing brown, orange, and red tones.


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Translating Into The Home:
The nuances of cognac are all very heavy, but this allows it to make a statement in your home. By introducing this color as furniture with clean lines and sleek silhouettes, you avoid feeling overwhelmed by the look.

Keeping backgrounds either black or white helps to even out this strong color, but you should also consider pulling from the red of the liquor. A pale pink tint to your walls can really draw attention to the subtle nuances of the cognac color.


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3. Moods of Indigo
Indigo. It's the combination of purple and blue creating a complex series of tones that feel rich, saturated, and compelling. From the berries of Acai to the soft hues of distant mountains, the moods of indigo are drop dead gorgeous.


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Translating Into the Home:
Because of the deep, saturated nature of this color palette, you want to keep interiors minimal. But that doesn't mean you should stay away from patterns. Instead, embrace textured textiles, woven seating, and patterned accents.


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